Elite Storage
Elite Storage

About ELITE Storage in Salt Lake City, utah

For all your storage needs.

Elite Storage offers 410 state of the art individual storage units in a variety of sizes from 5x5 to 10x30. Perfect for just about anything you need to store long term or just get out of the way for a little while.
Elite Storage's Storefront - Individual Storage Units in Salt Lake City, Utah
Inside of Elite Storage - Storage in Salt Lake City, Utah
Storage Units Outside - Storage in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our facility features:

  • A 10' tall concrete wall that surrounds the property
  • Access 7 days a week
  • Computerized video camera gate system
  • Convenient access and very well lit
  • Drive up access
  • Individual alarm and surveillance controls
  • Monthly pest control
If you're short on space, let Elite Storage take care of your storage needs. We offer FREE boxes and a new Bull Dog disc lock with your rental as well as special discounts for new renters.
Call us today in Salt Lake City, Utah at 801-903-1011 to check for unit size and availability.